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How you can help

First and foremost, your support on our BigKittyBinx TikTok account, Instagram and Facebook is the best way to support us! Sharing our content, liking and commenting will help bring more fans to our pages. We are always working on bringing content of our furbabies to our fans. 
Binx's Kidney Fund
Since Binx's insurance will not cover any future visits related to his kidney due to it being considered pre-existing, I have set up a savings account for him. Any donations towards his Kidney Fund below would be greatly appreciated! All funds will go right into his new savings account. 
Chewy eGift Cards
Donations of Chewy e-gift cards from are extremely helpful and welcomed. This helps purchase food and other items for our furbabies. Any e-gift cards from Chewy can be sent directly to our email from their website at (Click link below). 
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